Dance lessons in WI



"ECSOD is the BEST place to be put in an instant good mood!"

"At Eau Claire School of Dance, the focus is on quality. The studio has highly skilled and qualified teachers who care about their students. The artistic integrity of the dance productions; including the choreography, costumes, and overall technical aspects of the show are impressive. As a parent whose two daughters have been as the studio three years, I highly recommend ECSOD. The studio truly offers something for everyone."

- Amber Dernbach
Dance Mom and local Theatre Arts Teacher


"Almost 4 years have passed since we first signed our daughter up at Eau Claire School of Dance at the age of 4. We initially signed her up to help keep her focused and channel some of her energy... we never imagined the impact it would have on all of our lives. She is now a Company dancer and excelling not only at dance, but in other aspects of her life as well. She is motivated, determined, and enthusiastic; all of which have been fostered by the instructors at Eau Claire School of Dance. She has developed a strong love and admiration for the sport that we can only imagine will continue to grow, and for that we are truly grateful."

- Niki Hooper
ECSOD Dance Mom


"The BEST place to be put in an instant good mood!"

- Jennifer Johnson
ECSOD Dancer


"My daughter has been a dancer at Eau Claire School of Dance for six years. What I appreciate most about ECSOD is the family atmosphere. The instructors push all of their students to work at their highest potential and give everything they can on the dance floor. But at the end of the day, what matters most is that the dancers have tried their best, they have overcome challenges, and they have learned confidence and poise under pressure. I appreciate the artistry of the performances and the life lessons instilled in all of the kids."

- Katie McFadyen
ECSOD Dance Mom


"This is my son's fifth year of dancing at Eau Claire School of Dance. Through his experience in competitions, performances, and being mentored and stretched by teachers, he has grown into a much more confident person. He loves to come to dance where he knows people care about him and he will be pushed to be the best he can be. Eau Claire School of Dance is much more than a dance studio; it is a place where kids feel loved, mentored, and supported to be the best people they can be."

- Julie Lepp
ECSOD Dance Mom


"If you have kids at home that are into dance, check out ECSOD. In my opinion this is the best competitive dance program in the area. They also have regular classes if they just want to dance but not compete."

- Jodi Emerson
ECSOD Dance Mom

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